Chris Wilding Gives His Take on Hairy Men and Confirms His Sexuality After a Caller Doubts He’s Gay

“I’ve been with some guys who are like Grizzly Adams down there,” Stern Show staffer admits

October 5, 2020
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Monday morning marked the start of Cocktober 2020 on the Stern Show. Before getting to the main event of Sal Governale’s at-home attempt to shave his shaft, Howard got a lesson from Chris Wilding as to why a hairy shaft is a tough look to pull off. “I’ve been with some guys who are like Grizzly Adams down there and you have to have a really big penis to pull that off,” the Stern Show staffer declared.

When it comes to maintaining his own penis, the staffer’s approach is middle of the road. “I always have a bit of hair because I can’t do what Sal does, I can’t get down to where it’s bald like that,” Chris revealed. “I like to have a bit of peach fuzz down there.”

Chris also addressed the accusation from a caller that he isn’t authentically gay but rather pretends to be in a grab for more airtime. “I can’t believe someone finally caught me … I love lady pussy,” he joked before proving his credentials with a rather painful oral sex story. “I pulled something in my neck – the guy had a huge cock and I went to town on it. I was in serious pain – I almost went to the doctor but after a few days it subsided.”