Ronnie Mund Is One Step Closer to Moving to Las Vegas

Recent confrontations with Stern Show staffers led Howard’s longtime driver to put bids on land

October 26, 2020

Ronnie “the Limo Driver” Mund has been planning on settling down in Las Vegas for quite some time but recent confrontations with fellow Stern Show staffers helped encourage him to pull the trigger and bid on property there.

“Certain people, the way they talked to me, it made me realize that … they never were really my friend … it made me do something that I was afraid to do and it gave me the fucking courage to go ahead and do it and I did it,” Ronnie said rather cryptically Monday before going into further detail. “This past vacation we got on a plane and we went to Vegas for nine days, we found a house that we want … we have two bids on a lot and we’re waiting to see which one we’re going to get and then construction can start.”

Though Ronnie didn’t say if anyone specifically pushed him over the edge, staffer Chris Wilding was quick to respond. “Sounds like he owes us a thank you,” he said of the news before speaking directly to his colleague. “You are creating this scenario in your head that never happened … that we all got you into a corner with shanks and we surrounded you and we said you better do this or we’re gonna get you – that never happened.”

Even after a heated exchange in which Chris and Ronnie referred to each other as scumbags, Howard appeared somewhat somber at the news. “For those of us here in New York, we’ll be sad to see Ronnie go,” he told his driver.