VIDEO: Richard Christy Gives a Tour of His Filthy Bathroom

“Everything is wrong,” co-host Robin Quivers observes of Stern Show staffer’s lavatory

October 28, 2020

Richard Christy has long been known for questionable hygiene and habits and in keeping with the spirit of Halloween, the Stern Show staffer on Wednesday gave a tour of his personal bathroom with frightening results.

“It’s like a haunted house,” Howard observed as Richard opened the door of a bathroom found on the first floor of his home. “Dude, there’s shit on your toilet, all over the toilet. I’m talking outside the bowl … there’s fucking giant urine stains all over the thing.”

“All I think about, Howard, is the poor person who will inherit this house after Richard,” co-host Robin Quivers said.

When Howard noted the wealth of dead insects spilling out of a glue trap on the floor, Richard offered some context. “That’s only from the last night or two,” the staffer admitted. “They’re called spider crickets. They’re these big ugly crickets and we have tons of them.”

As Richard showed off his sink emblazoned with hair and rust, Robin appeared to lose it. “What is the rust?” she asked in disbelief. “Everything is wrong.”

“This is just what we can see with our naked eye,” staffer Jason Kaplan said before asking Richard to turn on a black light he had handy. “The blacklight finds urine, blood, and semen.”

“That’s definitely semen,” executive producer Gary Dell’Abate said of the glowing streaks on the base of the toilet. He then described the bright spatter in Richard’s sink as looking like “the stars at night.”

After catching another possible semen stain on the wall, Howard was clearly dumbfounded. “I’ve never seen anything that gross,” he confessed. “Like, I’ve seen some gross bathrooms at like gas stations but that’s the worst.”

Watch the entire tour of Richard’s bathroom (at your own risk) in the video (above).