VIDEO: ‘Alex Jones’ Cries and Loses His Teeth While Talking to Howard

“Listen, we need to prepare now for … the 79 days of hell,” the Info Wars “host” says

November 5, 2020

Political pundits had plenty to say after the polls closed Tuesday night, but their hot takes paled in comparison to those served up by Info Wars host “Alex Jones” in his return to the Stern Show.

“He feels he has a particular take on the election that people need to hear,” Howard said before bringing “Alex” on for an enlightening chat.

“We are witnessing the 100 percent reptilian-rigged election. It’s a globalist coup,” the host began. “Listen, we need to prepare now for what the globalists have planned, which is the 79 days of hell.”

“Alex” then lambasted everyone from George Soros to Dr. Anthony Fauci while discussing the pandemic, Democrats and Republicans, his tank driver’s unwillingness to support a candidate, and even his own teeth.

“Are you crying?” an incredulous Robin Quivers asked as he explained why all his molars are falling out.

An “Alex Jones” visit wouldn’t be complete without a little product placement and sure enough the host was eager to tell listeners all about the “Arrest Fauci” Hoodie-Footie and Alpha Male Mind Milk Cocktail he had for sale. “It’s our strongest supplement on the market,” he boasted before saying goodbye.