Howard Had a Sex Dream About Co-Host Robin Quivers

“You had your head on my chest … it was very romantic,” he recalls of the fantasy

November 16, 2020
Photo: Shutterstock / New Africa

There’s never been a romantic connection between Howard and his longtime co-host Robin Quivers in their nearly 40-year working relationship, but that all went out the window in a dream he had recently. “Well, I guess it’s time for us to leave,” Robin joked with a big laugh Monday morning after Howard admitted he had somewhat of a sex dream about her. “That should be the end.”

“It was very sweet, it wasn’t actual sex,” he later clarified. “I don’t know what the heck we were doing but I was laying down on my back and you had your head on my chest … it was very romantic.”

When things started to get a little more risqué, even in his dream Howard had the sense to pump the brakes. “Everything felt good and I was going, ‘Uh-oh I think I’m getting aroused, but I better be cool here because I’m with Robin,’” he explained. “The whole dream I was fighting my erection, yelling at it … we’re supposed to be [a] nonsexual relationship and here I was boning up. But that was the whole dream, nothing happened.”

“Well, I’m glad I was appropriate in your dream,” Robin teased with a bit of relief.