AUDIO: ‘Ethel’ Seeks a Religious Show’s Help in Curing Her Constipation in New Prank Call

“Goodness gracious, it’s working already – keep praying,” Richard’s elderly female character proclaims in new call

November 30, 2020
Photo: Shutterstock / Lunatictm

Stern Show staffer Richard Christy has made many calls over the years as his beloved “Ethel” character and in his latest prank he sought the help of a religious radio show for a constipation cure. “It’s embarrassing to talk about in front of all your millions of listeners but I suffer from constipation,” his female alter ego admitted before groaning in pain. “It’s been months since I’ve had a proper bowel movement.”

The female co-host took to praying as a remedy and it wasn’t long before the results were evident. “Goodness gracious, it’s working already – keep praying,” Richard noted in character over a bed of bathroom noises. “Can you hear your prayers working?”

“Ah yes, we can hear that,” an audibly disgusted male host declared.

“Fred, bring me the mop. I finally crapped and it got all over me and the rocking chair,” Richard yells to his phony phone call husband, played by Sal Governale.

“Please stop praying, it’s working too good and now our dog Petey won’t stop shittin’ either,” Sal then pleaded with the hosts. “Petey, go out in the yard and take a crap. You too, Ethel. Go shit in the yard.”

“We just heard from Satan,” the male host complained after hanging up on Richard and Sal.

“God works in mysterious ways,” Howard joked after listening to the call. Hear the full audio (below).