VIDEO: Gary Dell’Abate Pranks the Wack Pack About Howard’s Upcoming Plans

“I wanted to like try to maybe try to do something up there,” King of All Blacks tells the Stern Show executive producer in ploy to get a job

December 7, 2020

There’s been plenty of speculation as to what Howard will do when his current contract comes up soon – giving Gary Dell’Abate the perfect opportunity to prank members of the Wack Pack. When the Stern Show executive producer falsely told King of All Blacks and Medicated Pete that Howard has decided to hang up the towel, the two took the news very differently.

“Damn, that’s crazy,” King responded briefly before jumping right into a pitch for Howard’s microphone. “I wanted to like try to maybe try to do something up there, you know, ‘cause I mean I’m not doing nothin’ and I can get an audience. I could talk for three hours and still keep an audience with no commercial … and I’m getting my basement done, renovated to be like a studio.”

“Good to know my body won’t even be cold before King tries to cash in,” Howard said after hearing the longtime caller’s plea.

“Oh, he’ll be stepping right into your shoes,” co-host Robin Quivers observed.

Fellow Wack Packer Medicated Pete was much more even in his response to the news. “It is what it is,” he told Gary coolly. “I think maybe he still has a little bit of show in him. I’m sad that he’s gonna retire but, you know, I kind of saw that it was gonna happen.”

After finding out that he had been tricked, Pete had difficulty hanging up on the video call – something he has been known to struggle with. “I’ll be here all day now,” the former Stern Show intern said with a laugh.

“I’ve never seen two people more alike than Gary and Pete – both of them can’t shut up,” Howard joked.