AUDIO: ‘Full Frontal’s’ Samantha Bee Gives Her Take on Vaccination in New Musical Radio Segment

Comedian uses her pipes to address the hot topic in this special celebrity edition

February 25, 2020
Photo: PRPhotos

“Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” star Samantha Bee appeared on a very special celebrity edition of Musical Radio on Tuesday.

“How did that happen?” an elated Robin Quivers asked.

“She’s a fan of our show so I think she just agreed to do it,” Howard mentioned.

The comedian gave her stance on the hot button issue of vaccination and, staying true to the segment, did so in song. “I’m very pro vaccination … why wouldn’t you be for vaccines that can eradicate terrible diseases?” Samantha belted out. “The herd immunity is very important, it’s critical to the survival of this species.”

“Wow, that was pretty good,” Howard beamed afterwards.

Check out the full version (below).