VIDEO: Gary Dell’Abate Reveals He’s Upped His Alcohol Consumption and Undertaken a Genealogy Project During Quarantine

“I’m drinking excessively,” the Stern Show’s executive producer reveals

May 5, 2020

Gary Dell’Abate has found plenty to keep him busy during the quarantine aside from hanging his wife’s artwork. For starters, Howard’s executive producer is taking a closer look at several branches on his family tree.

“I feel like there’s part of my grandparents I don’t know, and there’s a couple relatives alive who still remember them and know them, and I’m trying to gather that information,” Gary explained on Tuesday morning.

At one point, the Gary Puppet chimed in with his findings: “I have a circus relative. His name is Harry Dell’Abate. He was a wolf-man in the circus. He would howl at the moon and he had very big teeth.”

Howard didn’t much see the genealogy project’s appeal but Gary stood firm. “This is interesting to me,” he said.

The executive producer took less of an issue with his boss’s characterization of his alcohol consumption during quarantine. From what Howard had heard, his underling had already gone through multiple bottles of tequila and $200 scotch.

“Gary, what’s up?” co-host Robin Quivers asked with more than a hint of concern.

“I’m drinking excessively,” Gary conceded with a laugh. “It depends on what’s going on—sometimes on Friday cocktail hour I’ll start at 5:30 [and have] four tequilas and two or three beers.”

Howard wondered if Gary had it in him to stop. “If I said to you don’t drink for the next month, could you do it?” he asked.

Gary hesitated. “Yes, but I don’t want to,” he said.