Benjy Bronk Improperly Wishes Howard ‘Happy New Years’

“Benjy went to college, right?” Howard wonders of staffer incorrectly writing “Happy New Year’s”

January 5, 2021

A tweet from Jimmy Kimmel’s wife and co-head writer Molly McNearney on people improperly writing ‘Happy New Year’ helped Howard realize the Stern Show’s own Benjy Bronk suffers from the same affliction. “The next thing I see, Benjy writes ‘Happy New Year’s’ to me,” Howard recalled Tuesday morning. “Benjy went to college, right?”

“Don’t you realize that infers possession?” co-host Robin Quivers questioned the staffer. “If you said, ‘Happy New Year’s Day’ you could say ‘New Year’s.’”

Howard later revealed he appreciates Benjy’s annual personal note, though he did offer some constructive criticism. “Around this time of year Benjy always sends me a personal email, which is fine, but then he always writes, ‘You do not need to respond to this,’” he revealed. “If you write me, I’m going to write you back. I’m not a dick.”

“I know that you also like probably getting a nice email but you also don’t like having to respond,” Benjy reasoned. “You could just put a dot back and then I will know you get it.”

All in all, Howard was complimentary of his longtime writer. “It’s very sweet of you,” he admitted. “I can’t help it that some of the things you do annoy me, but I do like you.”