Sal Governale Admits to Communicating With a Squirrel

“It was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life,” Stern Show staffer reveals

January 6, 2021

He’s identified as a turtle and aspired to be a dog and now Sal Governale claims to have communicated with a squirrel. After completing one of his daily meditations recently, the Stern Show staffer encountered the critter on his deck.

“I slowly approached the window and I peered into the window and he was about four feet away from me,” Sal explained to Howard. “The squirrel just kept studying my face and I kept studying the squirrel.”

During their stare-down, Sal believes the animal said volumes, even if unable to speak. “The squirrel was communicating with me. He was showing me that nature is important, that this is a message from the universe that all creatures are important and that the impossible is possible,” he insisted. “We … locked eyes for one minute straight and it was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.”

Despite the intense interaction with his new friend, Sal isn’t ready to switch to a vegetarian diet just yet. “I can’t give up a meatball parmigiana hero,” the staffer confessed.