Memet Walker Once Bought Bitcoin for Howard and Robin … but None for Himself

“He didn’t invest a dime in it. That’s how smart he is,” Howard laughs

January 12, 2021

Memet Walker’s poor gift-giving judgment has been a topic of discussion on multiple occasions and on Tuesday the Stern Show staffer was grilled again for having once bought Howard, co-host Robin Quivers, and executive producer Gary Dell’Abate $50 worth of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin without bothering to explain how they could redeem it for cash.

“It sounded like voodoo,” Howard recalled. “I even said to him, ‘How do I redeem my $50?’ He didn’t even know how … It was ridiculous.”

Making matters worse, the value of Bitcoin has increased since the staffer purchased the gifts and now he won’t stop boasting about his own investment skills. “The other day Memet was running around here talking about what a financial genius he is,” Howard said. “He was going around bragging, telling people he’s smarter than I am and that he knows about finance.”

“Well, where’s his Bitcoin? How rich is he?” Robin wondered.

“He didn’t invest a dime in it. That’s how smart he is,” Howard laughed.

But Memet blamed Howard and Robin for his own failure to strike it rich. “You guys had made me feel so stupid for being interested in Bitcoin in the first place,” the staffer said on Tuesday.

“You didn’t even know how to redeem it,” Howard reminded him before playing a clip from their original on-air discussion.

“Listen to the haughtiness there,” Memet said after hearing the clip. “I love Robin. She gave me champagne for Christmas, which is very nice … but imagine if I said, ‘Robin, if I wanted champagne I’d buy champagne.’ I mean, you’d think I was the biggest asshole on Earth.”

Gary chimed in next to say his gift from Memet might now be worth $300, but it didn’t do him much good as neither he nor Memet had any idea how to redeem it.

“What good is Bitcoin if we can’t get our money out of it?” Howard agreed.

Memet heard enough. “No more birthday gifts for you,” he concluded.