VIDEO: JD Harmeyer Reveals Why He Spent $700 This Year on Trading Cards

“It’s entertaining to me. I don’t know what you want me to tell you,” the staffer tells Howard

February 17, 2021

JD Harmeyer has displayed an array of talents over the years, but financial prowess has never been one of them. On Wednesday, the Stern Show staffer famous for spending an entire tax refund at a strip club and buying his wife a $450 Gucci belt shocked his colleagues once again after revealing he’s already dropped $700 this year on trading cards, including $180 alone on a single box of baseball cards.

“That’s where I go nuts. That’s 180 bucks that could’ve been put in just a long term investment,” said a dumbfounded Howard. “That adds up.”

But JD thought it might be money well spent. “I’ve got some nice cards, too. We’ll see what happens,” he said. “They’re part of an investment, possibly.”

“To me that’s like playing in a lottery,” Howard countered.

Speaking of which, Jon Hein chimed in and said his friend and co-worker had also become obsessed with participating in trading card “box breaks,” in which multiple collectors pool their money to buy a box of cards and divide them up randomly.

“It’s fun. It’s entertaining to me. I don’t know what you want me to tell you,” JD said. “That’s mostly what I watch now on TV. Like, I’m barely playing Madden anymore because I’m watching card breaks.”

Howard ultimately suggested JD call up co-host Robin Quivers for future financial advice. “She’s good at investing,” he said. “Put [your money] in one of these mutual funds.”

“Anything would be better than what he’s doing with it … [but] I’m not giving him my number,” Robin said with a laugh.