Take the President-Themed Tan Mom Quiz

Play along with co-host Robin Quivers as she tries to guess how much the Wack Packer knows

March 29, 2021
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The Stern Show held a belated President’s Day celebration Monday morning with a little help from the incomparable Tan Mom.

“In honor of the holiday, we asked Tan Mom some president-themed questions,” Howard announced before inviting listeners to play along and guess whether the Wack Packer might know the answers.

“I’m sure she got through this swimmingly,” co-host Robin Quivers said with a laugh.

Test your Tan Mom knowledge in the quiz (below)!

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  • What did Tan Mom say Abraham Lincoln was doing when he was assassinated?

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    • “Seeing a Play”

    • “Chopping Wood”

  • Which President Did Tan Mom Think Famously said “Read my lips: no new taxes”?

    • “George H.W. Bush”

    • “Donald Trump”

  • Who did Tan Mom say was the current vice president?

    • “Kamala Harris”

    • “Barack Obama”

  • Who Did Tan Mom Guess Was the current commander-in-chief?

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    • “Joe Biden”

    • “There’s no Commander-in-chief”

  • Which president did Tan Mom guess succeeded George Washington?

    • “John Adams”

    • “Lincoln? No, Lincoln was before”

  • Which President Did Tan Mom Think was Once a peanut farmer?

    • “Jimmy Carter”

    • “Jiminy Carter”

  • What did Tan Mom Say When Asked to Name America’s first female vice president?

    • “Kamala Harris”

    • “That goes way beyond my brain right now”

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