AUDIO: Howard & Richard Throw Out Priceless Items in New Prank Call

“Do not throw that in the wood chipper,” antiques dealer says of first issue of Playboy magazine in mint condition

April 6, 2021
Photo: Shutterstock / Phillip Dyhr Hobbs

“Throw it out!”

For over a year now, Howard has been repeating those words like a mantra to Stern Show staffer Jason Kaplan as he works to trim down his massive collection of archives—much of it considered junk. Fresh from paternity leave and taking inspiration (and audio) from Howard’s directions, Richard Christy called an antique store wondering if he and his dad should throw some very expensive items into a wood chipper.

“Oh my God, I hope that wasn’t an authentic Beatles lunchbox,” the antiques dealer said of the supposed Fab Four-autographed item that was destroyed before witnessing the same fate of a Joe DiMaggio rookie card. “What are you doing? If you really have these items, the last thing you should be doing is throwing them through a frickin’ wood chipper.”

Hear the full call (below).