Ronnie ‘the Limo Driver’ Mund Gives an Update on His Continued Success With Hypnosis and How He Met His Friend Sh-t Box Richie

“Dude, that stuff is awesome,” he reveals to Howard

May 11, 2021

He’s so much more than a woman. Just a month after the session with hypnotist Scott Schmaren that transformed him into “Angelina,” Ronnie “the Limo Driver” Mund believes his continued work with the process has changed him in other ways as well.  “Dude, that stuff is awesome,” he explained to Howard Tuesday morning of the relaxation tapes Scott made for him that he uses twice a day. “I pass out before I get to the end of the tape … I’m like mellowed out for the rest of the night, which is good, and I’m able to go to sleep with no problem.”

The tapes have especially helped Ronnie in his relationship with fiancée Stephanie, with whom he no longer gets agitated with over trivial things—something he’s struggled with in the past. “Now … I’ll deal with it and that’s the way it’s going to be,” he said of his new outlook. “We don’t argue anymore, it’s just like okay, let’s talk about it and figure it out.”

Speaking of Ronnie updates, he and Howard also recalled the story of “Hand Job Connie,” a self-explanatory character he knew from his much younger days. “I haven’t seen her probably since I was 18. I have no idea what happened to her,” the staffer admitted.

“We will look for Hand Job Connie,” Howard promised at on Tuesday morning. “We’re on it.”

The stroll down memory lane had Ronnie and Howard also recalling the origin story of Shit Box Richie, a friend and fellow driver whom Ronnie said he met over CB radio. That nickname was coined when Richie had to pick up a rabbi at his house. Just as the driver was pulling up, though, nature called. When Richie asked to use the bathroom, the rabbi refused, leaving him to figure out some other way to take care of business.

“Richie’s shitting in the box and then all of a sudden the rabbi’s banging on the glass to get in the car and Richie has to rush his shit,” Howard recalled with a laugh. “Richie gets out the other side of the door, he flings the shit out, and the rabbi gets in with the shit smell in the car from Shit Box Richie.”