Gary Dell’Abate Gets Flack for His New Scotch Hobby

“He had to go to vinyl parties, now he’s in a scotch group,” Howard says of the Stern Show executive producer

May 12, 2021

First it was collecting animation cels, then it was vinyl records, and now Gary Dell’Abate seems to be into spirits. On Wednesday, Howard pointed out how the Stern Show executive producer has joined a Facebook group dedicated to scotch lovers, something he took issue with. “He’s now a connoisseur of scotch,” he noted. “He had to go to vinyl parties, now he’s in a scotch group.”

“I love scotch,” Gary responded proudly before breaking down his personal predilections. “There’s a lot of whiskeys I like, there’s Japanese whiskeys … I prefer smoother scotches, not the peaty, smelly ones.”

Gary went into great detail over his hobby, discussing the specific ways he likes his scotch served and what he’s willing to spend on it. “I already have like 30 bottles,” he said of his growing collection. “Some of the bottles I’m saving for a special occasion … I have a bottle that might be worth like $500 and I’ll drink that with my friends. It will just be fun.”

“I didn’t know you were this rich,” Howard joked in response.

After a caller criticized Gary for both his lack of knowledge and for adding ice to some of the more expensive offerings, he was defiant. “I like smoother scotch, I don’t like the stuff that’s harsh,” he defended before adding, “and if you don’t like it, go fuck yourself.”