Richard Christy Talks Spoiled Meat and Gives an Update on His Parents

“I don’t mind sh-tting my pants once in a while—it doesn’t hurt,” he says of eating food past its expiration date

May 18, 2021

During a conversation Tuesday on the phenomenon of people eating rotten meat to get high a familiar name came up—the Stern Show’s own Richard Christy. After executive producer Gary Dell’Abate confirmed the staffer has asked both him and Jason Kaplan about the safety of old meat, he attempted to explain himself. “I’ll lose stuff in the back of the fridge that I forgot about and I’ll find it one day and I’ll be like, ‘Oh, I wonder if this is still good?’” Richard said with a laugh before admitting to eating weeks-old deer sausage that got lost in the mail – which led to an accident at work. “I don’t mind shitting my pants once in a while—it doesn’t hurt.”

While he was on, Howard took the opportunity to play voicemails from Richard’s father, in which the elder Christy caught up his son on everything from a cow carcass rotting down the road to his mother’s dental issues. “I think the dog knocked into the table and knocked the teeth off the edge of the table into a metal trashcan and it chipped the tooth, or a couple of teeth,” Richard explained after hearing one recording. “She got a file that you like file metal down with and she filed the teeth so I think they’re a little smaller now.”

After a dead cow smell haunted Richard’s parents for quite a while, some local dogs took care of the situation by eating the remains—but at a price. “These dogs are bringing the bones up in the yard and eating the bones,” his dad revealed in another message. “It don’t stink anymore but they’re bringing the bones up.”

Richard also said he had his father to thank for helping solve the issue of deer excrement on his property. “He pees off the front of their porch into the yard to keep the coyotes away so now, I pee in Gatorade bottles and I dump it out in our yard to keep the deer out,” he noted. “It’s working, there hasn’t been deer poop in our yard since I started doing it.”