High Pitch Erik Says His ‘Busy Life’ Has Kept Him From Returning the Stern Show’s Calls

Wack Packer blames the mixup on Cameo commitments, doctors appointments, and his distaste for Wolfie

June 15, 2021

High Pitch Erik’s involvement with the Stern Show has brought him both fame and prosperity over the years, so one could imagine how surprised Howard was to learn the Wack Packer had recently been playing hard to get.

“I’m hearing Gary [Dell’Abate] calls you, you don’t return his calls. You’ve been difficult,” Howard told Erik on Tuesday after picking up on his call. “Now you’re big and famous, but you forget how you got famous.”

In addition to the Stern Show’s executive producer, the Wack Packer also recently brushed off everyone from staffers Sal Governale and Chris Wilding to longtime correspondent Wolfie. But High Pitch was quick to defend himself.

“I’m not a pain in the ass,” he said, instead insisting his schedule was brimming with doctors appointments, Cameo commitments, and weekly rounds of golf. “I have a busy life.”

Things with Wolfie, Erik conceded, were a bit more personal. “I don’t like Wolfie because Wolfie is a dick, okay?” he said, adding, “Sal, I’ll do stuff with.”

But no one bought his excuses. “Erik, it took me almost four days and 30 emails to get you on the phone,” Gary told the Wack Packer. “So, why won’t you talk to Sal now?”

“I was at a Yankee game,” High Pitch countered.

However, Sal said he’s been more than willing to work around the Wack Packer’s schedule since then. “We had this funny phone call that we wanted to do … I text Erik, ‘Hey, can we do this? Can we set up a date?’ And he just gives me a flat out ‘No,’” Sal recalled, saying Erik also refused to work with him on a song parody and a Low Pitch Erik bit. “He just refuses to do anything,” he continued.

“You’ve got time for everything but us,” co-host Robin Quivers added.

Howard couldn’t understand why a Wack Packer he’d helped turn into a celebrity was seemingly big-timing his staff. “I’ve had Paul McCartney on this show—he’s a Beatle—and he’s easier to work with than you,” he said.

Howard then pointed out other Wack Packers were clamoring for Erik’s airtime. One of them, burgeoning Cameo star Ass Napkin Ed, called in to make a case for himself.

“I’m the hottest Wack Packer,” Ass Napkin Ed told Erik.

“You are!” Howard agreed.

“And he’s just so easy to work with. We love working with Ed,” Chris added.

High Pitch suddenly started singing a different tune. “Sal, I’m not golfing today. I’m available after twelve,” he said.

“You weren’t available for the past three months,” Sal responded.

As far as Howard was concerned, High Pitch was still missing the point. It wasn’t just about the Wack Packer answering the phone when called upon, it was also about giving Howard and the show some well-earned respect. “If Wolfie calls you, that’s me calling you,” he said, later adding, “Wolfie is me. Chris Wilding is me. Sal is not me, but alright he should even talk to Sal.”

Finally, the Wack Packer saw the error of his ways. “Howard, I apologize to you and I will do better for you,” he vowed.