Howard Advises JD Harmeyer on How to Eat Peanuts

“You’re just putting too much in that pouch of yours … savor the flavor,” he suggests to the Stern Show Staffer

September 28, 2021

From Howard observing his lunch choices to Joe Buck calling play-by-play while he ate a breakfast sandwich, JD Harmeyer is no stranger when it comes to food and scrutiny. On Tuesday, yet another culinary issue came to light – his approach to eating peanuts.

“You’ve got a big pouch of peanuts that you can barely swallow and that’s kind of gross,” Howard said as he watched the Stern Show staffer struggle with a large serving of the snack that looked like chewing tobacco in his mouth. “Don’t choke yourself … you eat peanuts like an elephant.”

“It’s now peanut butter in his mouth,” co-host Robin Quivers added after a while. “You might as well eat a jar of peanut butter.”

In addition to questioning the nutritional value of JD’s breakfast, Howard continued to dissect the way he ate. “I don’t think he’s enjoying it because when he gets that big wad in there, after a couple of bites then it’s just a big paste in his mouth. I don’t even think he’s tasting the peanuts anymore,” he noted. “You watch monkeys at a zoo, they eat a peanut at a time. This fucking guy, he’s got ‘em all like a squirrel.”

“I don’t like to work,” JD responded after it was suggested he eat each peanut individually and from the shell. “I want to get at it.”

When Howard pointed out that JD also has issues with his consumption of water, the staffer was quick to defend himself. “I don’t want to choke, and I start laughing or whatever,” he revealed. “It’s happened where I laugh and it will get caught in my windpipe or whatever and I start choking, so I don’t want to choke.”

“You need to take smaller bites, dude,” Howard insisted. “You’re just putting too much in that pouch of yours … savor the flavor.”