Ronnie Mund Hates Sex on the Beach but Loves Doing It in the Ocean

Plus, Stern Show executive producer Gary Dell’Abate reveals his least-favorite sexual positions

November 23, 2021

Whether he’s sharing his thoughts about great jukebox songs or the albums he’d take with him to a desert island, executive producer Gary Dell’Abate has a list for every occasion. On Tuesday morning, he clued listeners in on his favorite and least-favorite sexual positions.

“I enjoy women on top. I enjoy missionary. I enjoy doggie … You know which ones I don’t like? The complicated ones. Let’s not play fucking Twister,” the Stern Show stalwart said before specifically criticizing reverse cowgirl, standing sex, and sex in a swimming pool or shower.

Howard, for the most part, seemed to concur. “Finally, a list Gary has that you can agree with!” co-host Robin Quivers remarked.

When it came to getting wet and wild, however, Stern Show sex expert Ronnie Mund saw things differently. “The great part about doing it in the pool [is] … she’s kind of weightless in the water, so you can really move her up and down,” he said.

Ronnie went on to detail the ocean sex he and his fiancée Stephanie enjoyed during their recent trip to Puerto Rico. “It was fucking great,” Ronnie said. “My feet were on the floor. She was kind of like floating up … It really fucking turned me on.”

As much as he loved getting down in the water, Ronnie confessed he absolutely hated sex on the beach. “Dude, you get sand on your crotch when you fuck on the beach,” he said.