JD Harmeyer and Richard Christy Make a High-Stakes Bet on the Bengals-Chiefs Game

“We’re coming for you, JD. The Bengals are going down!” the latter staffer vows

January 25, 2022

Two of the Stern Show’s most passionate football fans celebrated big victories this weekend as JD Harmeyer’s Cincinnati Bengals and Richard Christy’s Kansas City Chiefs both advanced another round deeper into the N.F.L. playoffs. Winning is old hat for Richard, whose Chiefs won the Super Bowl just a few years back, but it was a new experience for JD and his typically mediocre Bengals. Howard played a clip of JD’s reaction as his typically mediocre Bengals beat their heavily favored opponent and advanced to the semi-final round. But JD’s celebration was more subdued than his colleagues expected. He didn’t scream, shout, or sob uncontrollably—he unleashed more of a whimpering giggle.

Howard couldn’t decide if JD sounded more like the Joker or Tickle Me Elmo.

“There’s a lot of built-up emotions there,” JD said.

“I think tears are saved for a Super Bowl win,” executive producer Gary Dell’Abate suggested.

“Oh, there were tears,” JD insisted. “If they somehow win the Super Bowl, I don’t know how I’ll fucking react. It will be crazy.”

While JD received congratulatory messages from friends, family, and even actor Ryan Phillippe, he got a different kind of note from Richard, whose Chiefs will now battle the Bengals on Sunday for a spot in Super Bowl LVI.

“I wake up with a text message from [Richard] this morning saying ‘it’s on,’ all in caps,” JD said.

Richard then came on the air and continued talking trash. “We’re coming for you, JD. The Bengals are going down!” he growled, still riding high from his team’s thrilling overtime win. “It’s the greatest football game I’ve ever seen in my life,” he told Howard, fighting back tears. “It was fucking unreal. I still cannot fucking believe that that happened. It made me so fucking happy.”

Howard was more interested in why Richard, still decked out in his Chiefs hat and jersey, hadn’t yet changed his outfit.

“This jersey is not coming off. I’m gonna shower in it,” Richard explained. “A real fan never washes their hat,” he continued. “This hat stinks, Howard, I’ll be honest.”

As if the stakes for the A.F.C. Championship Game weren’t already high enough, Richard and JD then decided to make a friendly wager: Should the Bengals lose, JD must show Richard his penis for 60 seconds. Should the Bengals win, Richard must burn his beloved Chiefs gear.

“If no one else is seeing my dick and it’s just Richard—fine, whatever,” JD said.

Richard couldn’t wait. “I’ve always wondered about that cock. It’s gotta be huge,” he said.

“This is exciting,” Howard agreed. “This is the kind of entertainment you get on this show.”

“Yeah, these bets aren’t happening on sports radio,” Richard laughed.