Jeff the Drunk’s Instagram Has Been Taken Over by Hackers

“As soon as I made the video, bam, my account was hacked,” Wack Packer explains of getting locked out of his social media account

March 22, 2022
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Jeff the Drunk has often been accused of not having much to say during his calls to the Stern Show but on Tuesday, Howard learned the longtime Wack Packer was at the center of a story involving an Instagram scam. “These people, they hack into your account and, in order to get your account back, they force you to make a video reading something they send you,” staffer Chris Wilding explained of the fraudulent phenomenon Jeff fell victim to. “If you go on Jeff’s Instagram now, which he no longer has access to … there’s pictures of a Mercedes he apparently bought, there’s a picture of a new house he apparently owns, and sadly … whoever controls his account now is DMing other people and they’ll be forced to make videos.”

In an interview with Chris, Jeff told his side of the story. “Bitcoin hacked my account.  One of my friends contacted me to say, ‘Hey Jeff, Bitcoin gave me $1,500, I figured you could use it, so why don’t you make a video,” he recalled. “As soon as I made the video, bam, my account was hacked.”

Unfortunately, there’s currently no indication the Wack Packer will get back his account anytime soon. “I can’t get ahold of no one, I don’t have access,” he admitted.