Richard Christy Saw the New Horror Movie That’s Making People Throw Up in the Theater

“Art the Clown … the actor needs to win an Oscar,” the Stern Show staffer says of “Terrifier 2”

October 20, 2022

One person’s nightmare is Richard Christy’s dream. On Wednesday, the Stern Show staffer and Halloween enthusiast had rave reviews for the new horror movie “Terrifier 2.”

“Art the Clown is so great. You think, ‘Well, it’s been done a million times’ — no, he is the scariest clown ever,” he told Howard of the movie’s frightening main character. “Somehow, they tapped into something with Art the Clown … the actor needs to win an Oscar … He doesn’t talk but his face and his motions and movements are so goddamn scary.”

As Richard compared the franchise to “Halloween,” the fanatic quickly grew emotional. “I love when a movie takes you somewhere and that’s what I fucking loved about ‘Terrifier,’” he said, choking back tears as he described the otherworldliness of Art. “It’s like he’s just this regular, creepy clown guy and it turns out he is more than that and I fucking love that.”

Though news reports have noted many movie goers are vomiting from the gruesomeness of the sequel, Richard appeared unbothered. “I saw people leave … I think maybe they’re thinking it’s a more mainstream type of horror movie — this is not mainstream,” he remarked.

For Richard, the scariest thing about his experience might not have been the film but rather the theater bathroom he had to use after downing the two pumpkin beers he snuck in. “I was scared being in there. The stall door was closed — I didn’t want to open it because I was like maybe Art the Clown is in there. So, I used the urinal, but the urinal was stopped up and there was literally piss up to the rim … it was splashing everywhere and a little spilled on the floor.”

“He’s still sneaking beer into the movie theater at 48,” Howard said of his staffer’s antics. “It’s a beautiful thing.”