Howard Predicted a Pete Davidson-Emily Ratajkowski Relationship

“I think it’s f-cking great … I called it,” he tells co-host Robin Quivers after forecasting the reported couple

November 15, 2022

Many might have been shocked to learn of the news that comedian Pete Davidson and supermodel Emily Ratajkowski are an item but at least one person wasn’t surprised at all — Howard Stern. On Tuesday, he reminded listeners that it was a relationship he predicted months ago. “I was thinking, Pete Davidson could go out with Emily Ratajkowski … That would be a good matchup,” he said back in September after things ended between Davidson, a repeat Stern Show guest, and Kim Kardashian.

“I think it’s fucking great … I called it,” he boasted Tuesday morning. “This dude is living the dream and, you know, you can get a little bit jealous … He’s a funny dude, he’s famous, he’s rich, he’s got big dick energy, everyone knows about his big cock.”

“I just laugh because Pete, after Kim Kardashian, said he wasn’t going to date any more famous women,” co-host Robin Quivers remembered. “Nobody’s asking Pete to stop dating famous women, he keeps volunteering to not do it.”

While Howard cautioned that if Pete keeps hopping from celebrity to celebrity it could negatively affect him, he was overall very supportive. “[Emily] is a great beauty but at some point, if he fucks so many women, he’s going to start to get the reputation that he’s like a bee — he pollinates and then goes,” he pointed out. “You don’t want to become the guy who just fucks celebrity girls, so he’s got to be careful but he’s on a terrific roll — I say right on.”