Is Longtime Wack Packer Angry Alice Still Angry?

“You do sound calmer … Maybe it’s the California sunshine,” Howard observes during call

November 16, 2022
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

After going quiet for a few years, longtime Wack Packer Angry Alice called into the Stern Show Wednesday morning to offer an update on her life. One question almost immediately arose of the West Coast transplant — is she still angry? “I don’t know, you do sound calmer,” Howard told Alice, who first called into the show back in the 1990s. “Maybe it’s the California sunshine.”

“It might be because she’s in California and it’s four o’clock in the morning there, but when I speak to Alice, she rages like an inferno,” staffer Sal Governale, who regularly speaks to her, countered. “She is so angry.”

Even Alice agreed with the sentiment. “I’m still with the same bullshit,” she admitted to Howard before adding, “I really don’t like people.”

Moods aside, at least one thing hasn’t changed with Alice — her affection for the Stern Show’s own Fred Norris. “I’m honored,” Fred said to the Wack Packer of her continued attraction to him.