Wack Pack Reacts to Fred the Elephant Boy Passing

“It’s been a very hard few days knowing that both of these great people that I connected to through the show are gone,” Mariann from Brooklyn says of losing Elephant Boy along with Angela Muto

January 4, 2023

The unexpected news of Fred the Elephant Boy’s death has sent shockwaves across the Stern Show universe. In addition to reactions from Howard, Robin Quivers, and staffers, several of Fred’s fellow Wack Packers checked in on Wednesday to pay their respects. “I am so sorry fucking God took Elephant Boy away from us,” Angry Alice said in a voicemail where she was audibly agitated over the loss. “I think he was the sweetest Wack Packer that I ever met, and I guess he’s in a better place.”

“I mean, that was heartfelt,” Robin observed.

Longtime caller Bobo, on the other hand, was criticized for the message he left, which sounded like he was reading from a script. “He was a true legend among Stern Nation,” he said. “I always gave him mad respect because of his longevity with the show. I am very sad of learning of his passing today. It just shows you — time waits for nobody.”

“He sounded like Luca Brasi giving the speech to the Godfather,” executive producer Gary Dell’Abate pointed out. “It’s written out and rehearsed.”

There was much anticipation to hear from High Pitch Erik, who had a very public feud with Elephant Boy throughout the years. “I know Fred and I never got along, and we had problems in the past, and it’s very sad that he passed away,” he explained to Howard, acknowledging the rift blew up during a rather nasty social media exchange. “After the [‘Special People’s Court’] we made amends.”

In a peculiar move, Erik went on to slam what he deemed phony behavior from Bobo. “Bobo is very fake … He never called Fred before he passed … Bobo does not show respect,” he argued before taking an opportunity to defend Mariann from Brooklyn, who has been at odds with Bobo. “It’s okay for Bobo to have, you know, sad feelings about Elephant Boy but still, Bobo should still have respect for Mariann as well.”

“It seems a bit odd to introduce a new feud while you’re trying to say something nice about Elephant Boy,” Howard responded. “What are you Mariann’s consigliere?”

When Mariann called in, her voice shook with emotion. “I am so upset about Fred … I am truly, truly shocked that he’s gone,” she said before also acknowledging the passing of comedian and actress Angela Muto, who played Ronnie Mund’s mother in several bits. “You can hear it in my voice between Angela Muto and Fred … It’s been a very hard few days knowing that both of these great people that I connected to through the show are gone.”