Richard Christy Brushed His Teeth in SiriusXM’s Communal Kitchen

“I’m a very aggressive brusher, and I have a lot of junk in my teeth,” the staffer explains

November 29, 2023

It may have been Benjamin Franklin who said nothing in life is certain except for death, taxes, and Richard Christy grossing out his colleagues every couple of months. On Wednesday, Howard learned his “rat shit” coffee-loving staffer had been caught brushing his teeth at the sink in the communal office kitchen.

“Why not brush your teeth at home … [or] go in the men’s room?” Howard asked Richard. “Doesn’t it occur to you that other people might be grossed out?”

Richard, who entered the studio red and flustered, felt like he had a pretty good excuse. “My mouth tasted weird and awful … [and] I was staying with a friend in the city, and I didn’t want to wake them up by brushing my teeth [there],” he said. “I’m a very aggressive brusher, and I have a lot of junk in my teeth.”

So why not brush them in the company bathroom?

“I don’t want feces particles on my toothbrush,” Richard said.

Jonathan Blitt, the staffer who caught Richard scrubbing his chompers in the communal area, told listeners it was a sight to see. “I loved every second of it,” Blitt said, adding, “He was brushing his teeth with such a zest for dental care.”

It wasn’t long before Richard, his colleagues, and the Richard Puppet were reminiscing about some of the rocker turned Stern Show staffer’s least hygienic moments, from the time he needed canker sore medicine because his mouth was so foul to the time he dried himself off after a shower using a mildewy towel covered in fire ants.

“[Richard] was voted the number one heavy metal drummer and was in a band, and this is how he was living,” Howard concluded. “This is the other end of the music business that you don’t see enough.”