AUDIO: ‘Piggy Gary’ Gets ‘Excited by Excrement’ in One of the Grossest Phony Phone Calls Ever

“If you don’t like gross, tune out now,” Howard warns listeners

December 4, 2023
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Step aside, “Fisty Gary” – there’s a new “Flirty Gary” spinoff in town.

On Monday, Howard debuted one of the raunchiest phony phone calls in Stern Show history, featuring Gary Dell’Abate as “Piggy Gary,” a fecal-eating fetishist desperate to woo a fecal “feeder” named Dirk.

“You might want to pull over or put down your breakfast because things are going to get really, really gross,” Howard cautioned before playing a clip of their phone conversation.

“This is Gary — or as my shit eating friends call me, Piggy G,” Piggy Gary began, adding, “I’m excited by excrement, stimulated by stool, and delighted by doo-doo … I really wanna be number one at eating your number two.”

Dirk and Piggy Gary hit it off quickly. Before long, Piggy Gary was serenading his feeder with explicit songs and begging to take feces home with him in a doggie bag.

“That’ll do, pig. That’ll do,” Dirk concluded.

On Tuesday, Howard played part two of the phone call. And it was just as hard to listen to as part one.

“It was really cool talking about your stool,” Piggy Gary told Dirk as he hung up the phone. “See you later, defecator.”

Hear the whole disgusting call (below).

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