VIDEO: Will Murray Is Begging JD Harmeyer for His Peacock Password

"JD won’t give it to him because he’s afraid he’ll get in trouble,” Howard told his listerners on Wednesday

January 10, 2024

The Miami Dolphins take on the Kansas City Chiefs this weekend in the opening round of the NFL playoffs, but for the first time ever viewers will now need to sign up for the NBC-owned streaming service Peacock to watch the game. That’s disappointing news to football fans, especially those who already paid hundreds of dollars to watch regular season games via NFL Sunday Ticket.

“People are flipping out,” executive producer Gary Dell’Abate explained.

For staffers like Jon Hein and JD Harmeyer, who both already subscribe to Peacock, the change wasn’t that big of a deal. But their colleague Will Murray, a noted football fan, wasn’t very happy. “I paid $350 [for Sunday] Ticket, that’s a lot of money to put out. I already pay for Prime so I can get the Thursday night games, and now you’re asking me to pay another six bucks for one playoff game?” Will said incredulously.

So, what did Will do?

“He’s been begging JD for his Peacock password,” Howard told listeners, “And JD won’t give it to him because he’s afraid he’ll get in trouble.”

“He’ll be arrested and thrown into Peacock Jail,” co-host Robin Quivers laughed.

“I’m surprised JD pays for Peacock in the first place,” Jon remarked.

“I pay for everything. I’ve got nothing else going on,” JD countered. “It’s nice to finally have some power over Mr. Murray.”

Apparently JD wasn’t the first staffer Will asked. “I begged a lot of people, and no one would give it to me,” Will said. “I started sweet-talking [JD] last night, but so far he’s putting up a fight.”

Howard couldn’t understand why. “Are you afraid Peacock will find out?” he asked Howard.

JD insisted that wasn’t the reason. “The password for [Peacock] is like the password for like 50 other things,” he said.

“Nice!” Will said. “I just want to watch the game and get in his bank account. No big deal.”

With Saturday just a few days away, Will was resorting to drastic measures. “I was going to start begging [JD] as we get closer to the game,” he admitted.

“That I like,” JD laughed.