VIDEO: Did Ralph Cirella Send Howard and Beth a ‘Sign’ From the Great Beyond?

“It was very, very odd,” Howard says of his encounter with a rogue cardinal

June 3, 2024

Howard and his wife Beth kicked the new week off with a startling revelation — they may have recently received a “sign” from their dearly departed friend, Ralph Cirella.

It happened around the anniversary of Ralph’s birthday. As Beth explained it, she and Howard were enjoying a long walk while discussing their longtime friend. “I think I made the comment, ‘Ralph would be so mad that he’s not here … That he’s gone,’” Beth said. “And then I put my hands up … groping the air, saying, ‘Ralph, if you can hear me — if there’s anything after this life — give us a sign right now.’”

That’s when it happened. “That split-second … a red cardinal walked out from a bush, stops, looks at us, and turned right around and went back into the bush,” Beth recalled. “We walked in silence for a good five minutes afterward because we were both processing it.”

“It was very, very odd,” Howard agreed, explaining they enjoy a long walk nearly every day but had never encountered a cardinal. Howard was quick to admit the story sounded a lot like the ones frequently shared by Stern Show staffer Sal Governale, who has claimed to not only converse with the dead but to also receive bird-related signs from them.

Sal then took to the air, alleging he had foretold of Howard and Beth’s unusual encounter. “I said … ‘There’s going to be a moment where Howard will dismiss a sign and ignore it … and Beth will nudge him and make him aware that it is indeed Ralph,’” Sal told listeners. “And I said there’s going to be a scenario where a bird is involved — and it’s on tape!”

“Wow, imagine that,” Howard said.

Not everyone was buying what Sal was selling, however. “This is so sick,” staffer Chris Wilding said before referring to his colleague Sal as “Nostra-dumbass.”