VIDEO: A Long Island Cardinal Calls in to Shed Light on Sal Governale’s Connection to the Universe

“I gotta be honest with you, I just like fucking with this guy,” the heavily accented bird says

March 25, 2021

Nothing in life is certain, except death, taxes, and Sal Governale misinterpreting mundane interactions with nature as custom-crafted messages from the universe. On Wednesday, the Stern Show staffer once again got excited as he told Howard and co-host Robin Quivers the universe recently sent cardinals to visit him after he meditated.

“Animals, the land, the sea, the trees, the plants, the people—we’re all one, and these little signs are proof of it to me,” he told Howard. “Yesterday, I was outside and I started singing that song ‘Close to You’—’Why do birds suddenly appear?’—and I swear to you four red cardinals flew over my head as I sang that and landed on a tree in front of me.”

“It’s not a coincidence,” Sal continued. “It’s the universe saying, ‘Sal, you believe in us and we’re giving you these signs.’ It’s important for me to share it.”

Howard could barely believe his ears. “You’re too old for this. You’re a grown ass man,” he said.

“This nut is walking around his neighborhood talking to everything inanimate,” Robin added with a laugh.

“It’s like a dopey Snow White,” Howard said. “He’s living in a fantasy world.”

Sal begged to differ. “It’s helped me develop so much respect for the universe,” he insisted.

After one of the cardinals in question phoned into the Stern Show to share his side of the story, however, it soon became apparent the universe didn’t have much respect for him. “I gotta be honest with you, I just like fucking with this guy,” the thickly accented bird revealed. “Me and the other birds, all we do is shit on him and fly over him as he meditates. It’s hilarious.”

“He’s an idiot, right?” Howard asked.

“He’s so stupid,” the cardinal replied. “We got this racket going on with the squirrels. We’re all in his backyard laughing at him … it’s endless entertainment every day.”

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