Jimmy Kimmel: The Maestro of Internet Pranks

The host of Jimmy Kimmel Live! is the pied piper of online pranks as he continually enlists his faithful followers to do his comedy dirty work.

October 12, 2015
Photo: ABC

By HowardStern.com Editorial

Howard Stern Show superfan and late night kingpin Jimmy Kimmel is pretty damn good at pranking people. He’s even made an art out of trolling the Internet with epic viral video spoofs like “Worst Twerk Fail EVER” and “#SochiFail: Wolf In My Hall.”

Even more impressive is Jimmy’s Jedi-like knack for getting complete strangers to royally screw with their loved ones in epic fashion, which just scrapes the surface of why we love the former “Man Show” host. Kimmel’s brilliance truly shines as he gets his more than eager online community of devout followers to do his evil bidding. And trust us, his fans always rise to the occasion.

Instead of making our faithful readers scour the Internet for the best Jimmy Kimmel YouTube challenges, we thought we’d package them all up right here for your viewing pleasure.

Jimmy Has Parents Tell Kids They Ate All Their Halloween Candy

Jimmy Gets Kids to Serve Their Dad Breakfast in the Shower

Jimmy Gets Parents to Give Their Kids Terrible Presents

Jimmy Has People Unplug The TV During Their Super Bowl Party

Jimmy Has Men Give Their Wife or Girlfriend Terrible Valentine’s Day Gifts

Jimmy Has Kids Deliver Breakfast in Bed to Dads

Jimmy Gets People to Do Nothing For April Fools’ Day (and It’s Glorious)

Jimmy Has Fans Spray Their Dad With the Hose for Father’s Day

Jimmy Gets Parents to ‘Silverstone’ Their Kids

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