Bigfoot: The Ultimate Comparison of the World's Most Elusive Creature, It Is

Sit back and let us prove once and for all who the most impressive Bigfoot is on the planet, it is

Skunk Ape. Yeti. The Grey Man. Sasquatch. Cryptic Simian. Wild Man.

He goes by many names all around the world but here in the States - and more importantly on the Stern Show - he's known simply as Bigfoot.

As one of our favorite Wack Packers visits the show this week, it got us thinking about the original Bigfoot, Matthew McGrory, who passed away in 2005. And that got us thinking about the monster truck Bigfoot which ultimately led us to the mythical creature that started it all, Sasquatch.

We've devised a very unscientific and completely subjective approach to narrowing down who the ultimate Bigfoot is, it is. Enjoy, it is.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show