PHOTO: Professor X Looks Super Old in New Wolverine Sequel

Patrick Stewart's Charles Xavier has aged quite a bit in this publicity photo for “Logan”

Earlier this year, former Stern Show guest Sir Patrick Stewart announced that his Professor X would appear in Hugh Jackman's third "Wolverine" standalone, which we now know will be called "Logan." The film is set in the year 2024, so naturally any beloved X-Men characters who return will have gotten older. However, fans did not realize just how much older some would look.

On Thursday, director James Mangold tweeted out a photo of Professor X (above) looking very mortal. Charles Xavier last appeared in "X-Men: Days of Future Past," part of which also took place in the future. New details about the plot of "Logan" have recently been released, revealing Professor X is "old and not well. His powers are unstable and at times he doesn't even remember Logan," a.k.a Wolverine.

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