VIDEO: Josh Hutcherson Invents Moonwalking, Battles Herpes in Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s ‘Future Man’

Sci-fi comedy series debuts Nov. 14 on Hulu

October 5, 2017

Hulu has dropped the official trailer for Evan Goldberg and Stern Show regular Seth Rogen’s upcoming sci-fi comedy series “Future Man,” starring Josh Hutcherson (“The Hunger Games”) as a video-game loving janitor whose world gets rocked after time travelers ask him to help save the universe.

It all starts after Hutcherson’s character—also named Josh—sets a high score on a video game, prompting a pair of time travelers to recruit him into the resistance.

From there, we get shenanigans aplenty, including Hazmat suit slap-fights, “Top Gun” references, an alternate explanation for how Michael Jackson discovered the moonwalk, and more herpes jokes than you can shake a stick at.

Executive producers Rogen and Goldberg are longtime collaborators with a slew of successes under their belts, including “Knocked Up,” “Superbad,” “This Is the End, and “Sausage Party,” as well as AMC’s “Preacher.” The two are in fact so synonymous with Hollywood hits that an impostor recently tried to impersonate them by shopping around a script with their names on it. Only problem – neither Seth or Evan had anything to do with the script.

“It is shocking how many people it got to,” Seth told Howard during his last Stern Show visit in June. Listen to more from the conversation (below).

“Future Man,” co-starring Keith David, Eliza Coupe, Derek Wilson, Ed Begley Jr., and the late Glenne Headly, premieres Nov. 14 on Hulu. Watch the trailer (above).

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