VIDEO: Finally There's a 10-Minute Supercut of Accidental TV Penises

From weather reports to on-screen drawings, there's no telling when one might pop up

Photo: Youtube

With video markers, like with cloud formations and inkblots, people tend to see what they want to see in an image...and often times, that's a penis.

Sometimes their interpretation is a stretch of reality, other times the shape is so clearly defined that there's little room for interpretation.

Over the weekend a YouTube channel specializing in news bloopers uploaded a 10-minute supercut of TV personalities, including newscasters, weather persons, and sports commentators, creating or interacting with phallic-shaped drawings and objects.

From sand castles to cloud photos to hand-drawn cannons, it turns out there's a whole lot of accidental penis making its way to air. Check out the blooper video (below).