VIDEO: Engineers Develop Real-Time Air Quality Monitor for Smartphones

Sprimo Personal Air Monitor ships in July

Photo: Kickstarter

There's good news for people who breath: engineers have developed a prototype for a real-time air quality monitor which attaches to smartphones.

Sprimo Personal Air Monitor purports to detect airborne toxins and chemicals anywhere in the world, from homes to offices to coal mines. The air quality detector—billed as the world's smallest—also analyzes temperature and humidity data to provide users with a composite air quality score for their location, based on the Environmental Protection Agency's Air Quality Index.

The Sprimo monitor currently only works with iPhones, but developers hope to soon make it compatible with Androids. Air quality aficionados hoping to own one can donate to the developer's Kickstarter fund, with the first units expected to ship in July.

Check out a video of the prototype in action: