VIDEO: Feces-Flinging Chimp Hits Elderly Woman in the Face

“It got grandma!” says an onlooker at the Grand Rapids zoo

Photo: Youtube

It's hard out there for a chimp, but even harder sometimes for those who visit them at zoos.

A feces-flinging chimpanzee at the John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids, Mich., has gone viral after flinging his feces at a crowd of onlookers and hitting an elderly woman smack-dab in the face. A video shows the crowd clamoring as the monkey prepares to toss its excrement and going silent after it finds its target among the audience.

"It got grandma!" says one person, clearly still in disbelief, as the camera pans over to the chimpanzee's stunned victim (above).

Published Sunday on YouTube by zookeeper Erin Vargo, footage of the incident already has over 350,000 views.

Check out the video (below):

h/t: Mashable