VIDEO: Denis Leary Shakes Up the Family in Season 3 Trailer For ‘Animal Kingdom’

Actor, comedian, and frequent Stern Show guest is set to join TNT's hit drama this spring

March 30, 2018

TNT’s hit crime drama “Animal Kingdom” is set to return on May 29 with a new addition to the criminal clan — actor, comedian, and frequent Stern Show guest Denis Leary.

In the trailer for the upcoming season, Leary is introduced as the newest member of the Cody family by Pope — played by Wrap Up Show veteran Shawn Hatosy — who tells his brother Deran (Jake Weary), “Meet your father.”

Each of the Cody boys has a different dad and it seems Billy (Leary) may have not left on the best of terms considering the reaction from the family’s imprisoned matriarch Smurf (Ellen Barkin) upon her discovery of his arrival.

With the addition of Leary and a major cliffhanger lingering from season two concerning Baz (Scott Speedman), “Animal Kingdom” is sure to return with a bang.

When he last stopped by the Stern Show in October, Denis told Howard about getting mistaken for Kevin Bacon by his Uber driver (below), running into Keith Richards on the beach, and the reason he doesn’t want to host “Saturday Night Live.” Check out all of the highlights from that appearance here.

Tune in to see Denis Leary join the cast of “Animal Kingdom” May 29 on TNT.

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