Eminem Escapes From a Mental Asylum and Plays With Severed Limbs in ‘Framed’ Music Video

Track hails from Grammy-winning rapper’s recent album “Revival”

April 5, 2018

Eminem plays an escaped asylum inmate on the run from the law in the gruesome new music video for “Framed,” a track off the rapper and past Stern Show guest’s recent album “Revival.”

Combining classic horror elements like dark forests, creepy hospitals, and haunting hallucinations, the video (above) begins with a breaking newscast about an escaped inmate: “It’s been a terrifying two weeks in the city of Detroit after Marshall Mathers, professionally known as Eminem, escaped from an asylum,” says the reporter. “Right now, he’s barricaded inside of that home right there behind me.”

From there, we see things from Eminem’s twisted point of view. The Grammy-winning superstar raps about everything from Donald Duck to Saddam Hussein to Adam Sandler’s “Waterboy” character while simultaneously mutilating corpses, painting with severed hands, and playing piano with chopped-off fingers. Everything may not be as it seems, however, as the video later suggests his character’s violent fantasies might only be playing out inside his own head.

“Framed” is just the latest single from Eminem’s ninth studio album “Revival,” which has also spawned collaborations with two of the biggest artists in the business: “River,” featuring repeat Stern Show guest Ed Sheeran, and “Walk on Water,” featuring Beyoncé.

Check out the music video for Eminem’s “Framed” (above).

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