VIDEO: Kristen Bell Takes a Caribbean Cruise With Kelsey Grammer and Seth Rogen in ‘Like Father’ Trailer

Lauren Miller Rogen-directed comedy premieres Aug. 3 on Netflix

June 18, 2018

“Bad Moms” and “The Good Place” star Kristen Bell plays a workaholic bride-to-be who gets dumped and decides to take her estranged dad (played by past Stern Show guest Kelsey Grammer) on her honeymoon in the upcoming Netflix comedy “Like Father.”

Released on Monday, the film’s trailer (above) begins with co-star and Stern Show celebrity superfan Seth Rogen chatting up Kristen’s character aboard an idyllic Caribbean cruise. “What brings you on the cruise?” the frequent Stern Show guest’s character wonders.

“I was left at the altar a few days ago and my dad who I haven’t seen since I was five showed up to my wedding, unannounced,” she explains over a montage showing her marriage misfire and subsequent workplace meltdown (above). “The two of us got incredibly drunk that night and I must have blacked out because somehow I dragged him on to this cruise that was supposed to be my honeymoon.”

Ship-set shenanigans inevitably ensue, including Grammer awkwardly interrupting a belowdecks hook-up between Seth and Kristen, but after a few adventures and even more cocktails the two eventually begin to iron out the kinks in their relationship.

“Like Father” is the first feature film directed and co-written by actress and filmmaker Lauren Miller Rogen, who is also Seth’s wife and “Hilarity for Charity” co-founder. The comedy premieres Aug. 3 on Netflix. Watch the trailer (above).

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