Jason Kaplan Joins Nutrisystem in Attempt to Get Healthy

“I’m already miserable about it,” Stern Show staffer confesses

January 12, 2021
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

It’s no secret that Jason Kaplan has long struggled with his weight and now he’s ready to do whatever it takes to get it under control – including joining Nutrisystem. “I’m already miserable about it,” the Stern Show staffer admitted to Howard on Tuesday morning. “I need the Nutrisystem to kind of readjust. I have been trying recently and I just got to the point where like, I’m a baby, yes, just send me the food, tell me what to eat, and I will try to stick to this and see if something happens.”

“They don’t give you a big portion – order a double amount, or triple,” Howard jokingly warned his staffer. “Wait until you see the small portions.”

Executive producer Gary Dell’Abate chimed in with his own experiences with the program. “I’m warning you right now it’s portion control,” he advised Jason before remembering the first meal package he received back in the 1980s. “In my mind, in the box was a bunch of stuff to mix to make a giant pizza … it was a little pita about the size of a softball.”

Hoping to lose 100 pounds, Jason has already gotten more serious about his exercise regimen, working out on his elliptical machine at least three times a week. “Shockingly, I’ve been using it,” he said proudly of the equipment. “I couldn’t get through 10 minutes without having to take a break the first time I got on it … but now I can go 20 straight minutes.”

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