Ronnie Mund Picks Which Stern Show Staffer He’d Like as a Son and Which He’d Want to Watch Have Sex

“He’s been my second dad – daddy,” JD Harmeyer jokingly says of the limo driver

February 15, 2021

He might be over 70 but on Monday, Ronnie “the Limo Driver” Mund revealed which of his co-workers he would and would not want to be his son. First up was Will Murray, whom Ronnie explained doesn’t need any fatherly advice. “Will, he’s got the gift of gab, he’s got the looks … Will’s got it all,” Ronnie said. Someone he does want to offer guidance to, however, is Jason Kaplan.

“As a son you would want to take him under [your] wing and mold him. You don’t have to do that with Will,” he continued.

“Ronnie really wants to be a dad so Will would offer him nothing because he doesn’t get to help Will,” co-host Robin Quivers elaborated.

Still, neither Jason or Will could compete with JD Harmeyer, whom Ronnie has long been known to treat like family. “I’ve been doing it for years, I’ve been helping him,” he said of JD.

Yes, he has,” JD agreed. “He’s been my second dad – daddy.”

Ronnie was also asked to pick one person on the Stern Show he’d want to watch have sex and his answer of Jon Hein came down to logistics. “I love Jon, okay? But I’d just love to see how it works ‘cause Debbie [Jon’s wife] is so petite and beautiful and cute and small,” he explained. “I’d love to see how it happens … Jon’s a big boy.”

“We’ve managed to work it out over the last couple of decades,” Jon assured him.

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