VIDEO: ‘Alex Jones’ Weighs in on Fake Texas Snow Conspiracy

“Clearly this is not fake snow … they want to discredit the proven fact that the snow was put there by Bill Gates,” Info Wars “host” tells Howard

March 3, 2021

The snowstorm that devastated virtually the entire state of Texas last month already has conspiracy theorists claiming it to have been fake snow. “Alex Jones” returned to the Stern Show on Wednesday to actually debunk the accusation before firing off a multitude of theories of his own – many centering around Microsoft founder and frequent target Bill Gates.

“Clearly this is not fake snow – my guys tested it,” the InfoWars “host” assured Howard. “Antifa has been saying it’s fake snow because it is a reverse psychosocial warfare. They want to discredit the proven fact that the snow was put there by Bill Gates … They tell Texas, ‘Keep your mouth shut, don’t be a patriot or we’ll freeze you.’”

As “Alex” blamed the C.I.A. and Antifa for attempting to discredit things including the nefarious ways of the tech innovator and philanthropist, “Bill Gates” himself stopped by to support his claims. “It is I, reptilian leader Bill Gates, I’ve come to sterilize Christians and destroy humanity,” he said with a sinister laugh from a chair of needles. “It’s my Throne of Death.”

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