Memet Walker Has a Naked Neighbor

“I did see a girl outside of my window one time get naked and she’s not happy about it,” the Stern Show staffer says of girlfriend Mary’s reaction

March 3, 2021

Stern Show staffer Memet Walker and his girlfriend Mary have finally left the rats and foul odors of their last residence only to run into a different kind of issue with their new one – a nude neighbor. “I did see a girl outside of my window one time get naked and she’s not happy about it,” he told Howard Wednesday of Mary’s reaction to the woman next door. “I don’t think it’s as big a deal as she does.”

“You have the best luck with real estate,” co-host Robin Quivers joked.

Part of the problem, as Memet tells it, appears to be with perception and communication. “I saw her one time on her cell phone, you know, dancing around but it wasn’t anything that risqué and now my girlfriend is saying she’s filming porn across the street and it snowballed into something completely different … In my girlfriend’s head it’s turned into she’s doing topless videos and it’s OnlyFans,” he explained. “I of course immediately looked away – I just didn’t tell my girlfriend about it.”

Mary joined in the conversation to provide a little more detail. “She looks like a young Nikki Glaser … I was worried about the quality of his work – he’s distracted looking out the window,” she detailed before describing the much different view she has from her own home office window. “There is a man that urinates three times a day.”

After Mary admitted it was human nature to look at a naked body, Howard offered some sound guidance. “Next time there’s a naked woman out there Memet, take my advice – include Mary in it, and she’ll love it,” he suggested.

“That’s wisdom that comes with age, I am learning these things,” the staffer said in response.

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