VIDEO: Sal Governale & Wendy Go Head-to-Head With Their Stock Picks in New Challenge

“Sal doesn’t know jack crap,” Wack Packer says of the former stockbroker

March 26, 2021

Long before he was getting signs from cardinals and squirrels and dimes, Stern Show staffer Sal Governale made his living as a stockbroker – something Howard continues to find surprising. “We are always marveling at the fact that he was handling other people’s money and advising them,” he pointed out on Wednesday.

Putting his money where his mouth is, Sal agreed to put those skills to the ultimate test with a head-to-head stock-picking contest against legendary Wack Packer Wendy, which will play out over the next few months.


For their initial stock picks, Wendy went with Disney World (or The Walt Disney Company) while Sal chose Amazon. “Whether there’s a pandemic or not, it’s a proven company with phenomenal sales, consistent growth, and a proven chart record,” the staffer said of his decision.


In the second round, Wendy selected a familiar choice. “My number two pick will be Pepsi because I drink Mountain Dew and Pepsi,” she noted of her beverages of choice.

While Sal took Netflix since more people are home utilizing the streaming giant now more than ever, both Howard and co-host Robin Quivers seemed most impressed with the Wack Packer. “I actually like Wendy’s thoughts here because the Pepsi company owns a whole bunch of brands,” Howard explained. “They diversified.”

“And they did very well during the pandemic while strictly beverage companies did not,” Robin added.


Next up, Wendy went with Walmart, a move Sal commended her on. “I’m impressed with that pick, Wendy. I have to give you a little credit there,” the former stockbroker admitted before throwing a little shade his opponent’s way. “Walmart’s a good company – it won’t be enough to beat me.”

Wendy wasn’t as dazzled by Sal going with competitor Target. “I don’t shop at Target because it is too expensive,” she said matter-of-factly.


The fourth and final round kicked off with a bit of confusion as Wendy picked Apple thinking it was the Applebee’s restaurant chain, before switching to fast food mammoth Wendy’s. “I love their Dave Single and their chili,” she reasoned.

GameStop, which made headlines earlier this year for a major short squeeze caused largely by amateur day traders, was Sal’s big closer. “Without risk, there is no reward,” he said of the controversial move.

Wendy, for her part, appeared confident after all bets were in. “Sal doesn’t know jack crap,” she said with her arms folded and a satisfied look. “I’m going to whip your ass, douchebag.”

Stay tuned to see just how well their portfolios play out over the next few months.

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