VIDEO: ‘Alex Jones’ Gleeful About Bill and Melinda Gates’ Divorce News

“The Gates were so perfect together, they ate children together,” the Info Wars “host” says of the former power couple

May 4, 2021

The “Alex Jones” puppet has been railing against Microsoft founder Bill Gates for quite some time and, upon hearing the news that he and wife Melinda Gates will be calling it quits, he took to the Stern Show Tuesday for a round of gloating. “The Gates were so perfect together … they ate children together, they stayed at Jeffrey Epstein’s Paris estate 497 times, I just can’t believe it happened,” he told Howard with thinly veiled sarcasm. “I am so upset that they can’t continue the COVID-19 Crimson Contagion battle plans to control society.”

Pressing on, “Alex” showed support for Melinda, even suggesting she was a victim of Stockholm Syndrome. “Melinda Gates is joining the fight for freedom,” he said. “She has denounced the satanic deep state overlord husband … it takes a bold person to stand up to the leader of the interdimensional vampires’ satanic globalist pedophile cults. They commit crimes against humanity to prove their credit with aliens.”

In his own defense, newfound bachelor “Bill Gates” showed up to dish some dirt on his soon-to-be ex. “Melinda always complains that I left crumbs after my baby feast,” he complained before opening up about dating in the future. “I will slaughter all of civilization except Kaia Gerber—she will be queen of the scorched earth.”

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