AUDIO: Ice-T Joins Rocky Pendergast in Space in New Phony Phone Call to ‘Live! With Cathi’

“Something is eating through my chest!” the actor and rapper complains to the radio host

June 21, 2021
Photo: Getty Images

Rocky Pendergast has called internet radio host Cathi from everywhere including L.A. club Largo and the 1940s but on Monday the socialite pulled off his latest prank call from a galaxy far away in outer space. “The stars outside are nothing compared to the stars I see around me,” he told Cathi, before introducing the celebrity guests at his shindig – actor Jonathan Lipnicki, recently deceased author Beverly Cleary, and rapper, “Law & Order: SVU” star, and past Stern Show guest Ice-T. “We just had it with all that stuffy social distancing back on Earth.”

It wasn’t long before things turned south for Ice-T, who did lend his voice to the call. “Something don’t feel right in my stomach,” he complained. “I feel something moving, something is eating through my chest!”

That’s when an alien exploded out of Ice-T’s body but Cathi still didn’t bat an eye or hang up the phone.

“Barricade yourself in a room and shut the door,” she advised Rocky after he announced his intention to avenge the deaths of both Ice-T and Jonathan Lipnicki. “How are you going to live?”

After using the severed head of Charo to fend off the alien Rocky explained the spaceship was about to blow up but not before he shared some tender words with the radio host. “If we never meet again, let me just say it’s been an honor and a privilege calling into your show all these years,” he said. “You’ve been a great sport, a wonderful friend, and Cathi, darling, we’ll always have Largo!”

Listen to the full call (below).

In addition to his work on “SVU,” Ice-T recently co-produced and starred in “Equal Standard,” an intense drama that looks at racial issues and tension within the N.Y.P.D. and community at large. Out now in theaters and available to rent on all digital platforms, you catch the film’s trailer (below).

“Equal Standard” will be available on Blu-ray and DVD starting July 8.

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