VIDEO: Ronnie ‘the Limo Driver’ Mund Says Goodbye to His New York Home With a Sex Tour and Song

“That was weird leaving that house, it was,” the Sin City-bound staffer tells Howard

September 10, 2021

It may be scorching hot in the Las Vegas desert, but as Ronnie Mund proved on Tuesday’s Stern Show things can get pretty steamy on the East Coast, too.

Howard’s longtime limo driver famously relocated to Sin City over the break, but not before he waved goodbye to his headline-grabbing home in New York.

“That was weird leaving that house, it was,” he told his boss on Tuesday’s show.

The staffer even took the Stern Show’s cameras on a farewell tour of his old abode and pointed out several points of interest along the way, including a bathroom rarely used for defecation but frequently used for sex with his fiancée Stephanie. “This is where I piss, but I don’t shit here,” he explained in the clip.

“Shit went down in here—showers, sink. Well, not in the sink [but] I came up behind [Stephanie] several times,” Ronnie continued. “I came up behind her. She was standing here naked at the sink. That’s as far as I’m going with this part of the story, that’s it.”

The erotic festivities weren’t limited to the bathroom, either. He also waxed nostalgic about receiving oral sex in a living room recliner and instigating sex with his fiancée while she washed the dishes in their banana-yellow kitchen. “Remember?” Ronnie asked Stephanie. “Your hands were in the sink and you couldn’t do nothing.”

“Goodbye, house. It was fun while it lasted, and now it’s time to move on to bigger and better things: a new life where I’ll melt into the sidewalk, according to certain people,” the Las Vegas-bound limo driver concluded before singing a literal goodbye song to his TV, mirrored armoire, a ceiling fan he hated, and a tablecloth he hated even more.

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